Cosmetic Product Safety Report in English too

The Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR), was instituted by European Regulation n° 1223/2009 in article n° 10 and precisely described in annex 1. We provide CPSR independently of other services, in English as in French.

We assess the safety of cosmetics before they are placed on the market and provide CPSRs to the responsible person, who has obligation to dispose of them.

Our CPSRs are characterized by their dematerialisation, they are totally digitized. We have banned all paper documents, to make simple, fast, light, economical and ecological. All files of which they are composed are thus reclassifiable. In the same practical way, we impose:

– an excel spreadsheet as part A, to group all the data, mostly collected by the responsible person, we called it “hdf” for HYSOPE data file.
– a vectorized format for the parts to be appended, the most common is pdf, in which we also leave the part B that we write.

Détail d'une porte scultée en bois

Working languages are French and English, both for data and for reports themselves. Delivery is usually done by Wetransfer.

Our experience of several years shown that our service is accessible to everyone, even to the smallest budgets, which are the most numerous. Responsible persons resistant to computers or English language, are a minority, they can access our service with some outside help.

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